Friday, 1 June 2012

Fun Fact Friday

Just keeping you in the loop with what's going on over here.

1. This weekend is my sister's bridal shower. It's being thrown at my parents' house & hosted by my mom, myself, and Jackie's bridesmaids. I cannot wait. I am so excited to see my extended family & friends and meet some of Adrian's. And I'm really happy my mom agreed to host it at her house. Although it's more work than renting a venue, I'm looking forward to the laid back feel a home shower brings. And I'm really excited about all the decisions we've made too! (which I'll fill you in about next week, post event).

2. This past weekend J was the best man in a friend's wedding and we had SO much fun. The bride & groom have the best family and friends and we made sure to celebrate all weekend long. Posts to come next week!

3. I've decided I need something to train for/ work for. While training for the half-marathon I had no problem getting up, at any hour, to make sure I got my workout in. In the two weeks since the race, I have totally relaxed my workouts, as in, I've hardly done anything. J, on the other hand, has been meeting up with a friend every morning to workout in a nearby park. Burpees, sprints, push ups, sit ups, you name it. And he's really enjoying it. Having someone to meet up with helps him stay on track. So, I've decided to start the Jamie Eason LiveFit 12-week Trainer. It's a 12-week strength training course that lays out your daily workouts for you (there is also a diet portion, but I won't be following that). Do you know how nice that is when you work out at 5:30 am? You mean I don't have to think of my own game plan for the gym?? Sign me up! Oh, and it's free which is great. Why not give it a try?

4. I've completed the first 3 days of the program and it's been great. Day 1 was chest and triceps and let me tell you, I am sore! My typical arm workout focuses on biceps and triceps. I close to never work my chest muscles. Day 1 included 72 pushups. Right?! Let me say that again, 72 pushups. 3 sets of 12 wide pushups and 3 sets of 12 narrow pushups. More than I've done in the past year, definitely. More than I've done in the past 2 years, probably. Day 2 was back and biceps. I'm curious how my back is going to feel by the end of today. It's not too sore yet, but maybe it's just being overshadowed by my chest muscles. If a sore chest means I won't have that fat bulge in strapless dresses this summer (you know what I'm talking about) then keep the pushups coming! This morning was legs & calves. I don't think I've done barbell squats since college. Yikes. If I'm walking funny by the end of today, you'll know why.  These legs were a bit shaky by the end of this workout.

5. Thursday morning I decided to try out a new breakfast for J & I. You know our love of overnight oatmeal, our typical breakfast at least twice a week. But yesterday morning I was in the mood for something else. I had bookmarked the Fitnessista's serious cereal recipe a few weeks ago. Since we typically use almond milk these days for our oatmeal, we don't always have regular old skim milk in our house. But my milk of choice for cold cereal is still dairy milk. So when our fridge had a fresh bottle of dairy milk and no soy or almond milk, I knew it was time to give this a go. have got to try this recipe! It's ridiculously easy and sooo good! I am craving it right now as I type this. It will definitely be making its way into our breakfast routine.

6. Speaking of food. J was reading an article last night that listed out the top reasons men breakup with women and vice versa. Apparently, one of the top reasons women breakup with men is because of diets that vary too much. Really?! I am very fortunate that J will eat just about anything I put in front of him. He is so willing to try all these new healthy recipes I'm currently digging and that means a lot to me. He finally caved and tried a Larabar yesterday and then texted me to tell me it was actually good. Ha! Told you so darling. :)

7. I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Get ready for next week, wedding posts all week long! Wahoo! Recaps from the amazing wedding we just went to, a recap of Jackie's shower, and a few great wedding detail posts. I hope you're excited.

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