Monday, 9 July 2012

Wedding Weekend Fun

As I'm sure you know, there are certain events that preclude the big wedding day.

I love that it allows you to spend quality time with the bride & groom, wedding party, parents, and extended family before the main event occurs and it's all a whirlwind.

Event #1: The Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner
Oh, and rehearsal dinner after party... :)

As this was the first wedding I've been in besides my own, I was SO nervous about walking down the aisle. At least in my own wedding I had a death grip on my dad to make sure I didn't fall. Now, it was up to me and I quickly realized at the wedding rehearsal that this aisle was loooong. It was stunning and had such a statement to it, but it was long (photos to come in the next post). 

After we finished up the rehearsal and everyone knew their place, we headed out for the rehearsal dinner that J's parents were hosting. It was held at PJ's Country House. The food was fabulous, the company even better.

And on to the after party in the Seaport area of Boston

Where this may have happened.... ;)

Event #2: Beauty Prep / Bridesmaid Day

After a late night out with the bridal party, it was time to begin the beauty prep for us ladies. First stop, mani's & pedi's. The Mother of the Groom (my favorite Mother in Law in the whole wide world) was able to get the nail salon to close just for us. It.was.awesome.

Bridesmaid, MOB, Bride, Bridesmaid, MOG, Bridesmaid

After our nails were done, it was time for lunch. What goes better with lunch than wine and shots on the house...?? Thankfully they served us water too. :)

After lunch, we finished up with a few errands before heading to the parents' of the brides house to meet up with all the guys for pool time and a cookout. One last get together before the big bash!!!! More details to come (obvi). 

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