Monday, 29 April 2013

Home: Bathrooms on the Mind

We will be out of our condo in 4 weeks and into our new home in 5 weeks if all goes according to plan. Crazy!

There are many, many projects at our new home. But the immediate priorities are as follows:
  • Finish flooring on the second floor
  • Reface the back deck
  • Update the full bathroom on the second floor (it is really nasty)
  • Build out the master bathroom that is currently non-existent

So with two bathrooms to design and DIY as much as we can, ideas are constantly swirling through my head. My biggest fear is getting too caught up in what's trending today. Tile can go out of style quickly. Too quickly. So my goal is to create timeless spaces.

I did ask J if we could use marble in our master bath because even though it is a major fan favorite today, I've always loved it. J, not so much. But he'll do anything for me. What a guy. :)

Here are my current thoughts on the upstairs guest bathroom. I'll be sharing different ideas each week until we move in, and then update you on projects as we go. Sound good? Good.

DIY Guest Bathroom Re-Do

1. Shiplap walls. This is a huge maybe. I'm really not sure if we can realistically incorporate shiplap or tongue and groove onto the guest bath walls but I would love to. I've always loved the farmhouse look of them.

 via: Pinterest / original source: Houzz
 L: via: Pinterest / original source: Style Files/ Design to Inspire  R: via: Pinterest / original source: DIY Network

2. Double sink. As you walk into the guest bath there is built-in storage immediately to the left followed by a single vanity. Well, there are also built in shelves behind the door on the right side of the room. Planning to get rid of the extra storage and build out a double vanity. No future kiddos fighting for sink space! (Don't focus on the finish color...that is still undecided)

 L: via: Pinterest / original source: 7th House on the Left   R: via: Pinterest / original source: Home Depot

3. Slate floors. Not set in stone (no pun intended) but really liking the idea of black or dark grey slate floors in a large subway pattern. Possibly in the master bath too. (First picture is to show you the design...pedestal sinks just would not be practical in our full bath)
 via: Pinterest / original source: Restoration Hardware
 L: via: Pinterest / original source: Decor Pad   R: via: Pinterest / original source: Home Depot

4. White shower surround tiles. Good ol' classic white subway tile perhaps. And possibly white walls. I am a big fan of white/light/bright bathrooms. Yes, white has that sterile look to it, but that is just what I want in a bathroom. We will be keeping a bathtub in this bathroom - gotta bathe the future kiddos! (First picture is a bit of an extreme...)

Hopefully these decisions will create a welcoming guest bathroom that won't look like it's straight out of the "2010's" in 10 years or so. Does that make any sense to you? It does to me. 

Have any DIY bathroom stories you'd care to share?? We will take any and all advice!

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