Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Rings

Recently, one of my college roommates got engaged. And in Thailand no less! We met her for dinner upon her return from vacation and were all drooling over her engagement ring. What was so striking about it? Not only was it a beautifully cut stone, but it was set in rose gold. Gorgeous and so unique.

Rose gold jewelry has become more and more popular recently and I just love it. You don't see it too often, if ever, as an engagement ring, but it was the perfect choice for Natalie. You see, she doesn't wear much, if any, silver jewelry. So while most of my friends and I are wearing platinum or white gold rings, Natalie knew that wasn't her. And when the idea of rose gold was presented to her, she knew it was *the one.* Oh, well she knew Tom was too, you know what I mean. :)

Interested in seeing what a rose gold engagement ring looks like? Here are a few I love -

Original Source: Kwiat

Original Source: Simon G 
 via: Pinterest
Original Source: Etsy

via: Pinterest 
Original Source: Etsy

via: Pinterest 
Original Source: Tat's Tips

One thing we discussed with Nat, and I looked for in the rings above but didn't notice, was to choose a stronger metal for the prongs of your center stone. Rose gold is the softest gold available. So I think it makes total sense to go with something stronger to make sure your center stone is safe and sound.

I would wear anyone of these! I think my favorite is the 4th one down though. It's such a unique halo setting. And I am not opposed to mixing metals like the second setting. Present me with diamonds and I'm pretty sure I'll be your best friend forever. :)

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