Monday, 24 June 2013

Shade(y) Issues

I don't know about you, but I could really use an extra day this weekend. Monday snuck up on me way too quickly. But I guess a bachelorette party that crept into the early hours of Sunday morning will do that to you. Totally worth it!

Although I am still overwhelmed with the small details we need over here, it's time to get some window treatments up. I think we took for granted the great honeycomb shades we inherited while living in our condo. In the new house, we've got nothin.

Curtain hardware was one item on a laundry list of things I was debating trying to buy before we moved in. We had a good month between when our offer was accepted and when we moved in, so I was brainstorming any and all ways I could cut down the expenses when we moved in by purchasing items in advanced. But one mention of this to my mom and her good friend and I was advised to wait. Who knows what kind of window treatments you're going to want in each room they said. Ugh, and of course they are right.

While some rooms I've decided to keep simple with roman shades, others can stand blinds and floor to ceiling curtains. Our family room is one of those rooms. It's a big room that takes up the far left side of the first floor of our house. Three of the 4 walls have windows. So it will be nice to have blinds to block the sun if needed during the day, and privacy at night. And big full length curtains will really add some warmth to the room.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Bamboo shades and lighter curtains. Everytime I see bamboo shades used in a room, I love it. Here are some great inspirations:

Done. I measured how wide the windows were, went to Home Depot's website, ordered the blinds for in-store pickup, and received a text message an hour later that they were ready for pick-up. Wonderful! Friday afternoon I brought the shades in and womp womp, Houston we have a problem. One of the front windows has less than an inch between the trim and inside wall. There is absolutely no way an outside mount will fit. How did I not notice that before?! Ugh.


Now what? I was stuck. I wasn't sure what it would look like to have inside mount shades with curtains. The outside mounts ones like the pictures above just look so nice! 

Thank you Google images! Honestly, it was that easy. Typed in "inside mount bamboo shades" and voila. Many, many ideas/images.

Phew. We're good. I really love this second photo, especially since we have two windows that are connected as such. So the bamboo shades long enough to be mounted outside the window trim will be going back, and shorter shades will be ordered. Unfortunately, and also of course (!), those shades are currently out of stock so these may take a little longer than originally planned. Booo. But, for such a steal of a price, I may have to hold out. 

If you have been looking for affordable bamboo shades, these are the ones we're using. If they're good enough for John and Sherry, they are good enough for me!

What do prefer - inside or outside mounted shades? I'll be putting roman shades in the office and am leaning towards an inside mount.

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