Monday, 16 April 2012

Checking things off the list

Today's home & fashion post comes in the form of a list of things we conquered this weekend. Starting with this coming weekend and ending June 30....we either have a wedding, bachelorette party, bachelor party, bridal shower, or race every.single.weekend. Yep. Crazy, I know. But we love it that way. And in all seriousness, I definitely get more done/am more organized when I have more on my plate.

Starting with Friday, J picked me up at work and we headed north to hit up Home Depot, AC Moore, Sports Authority, and TJ Maxx. All in one plaza, it is great.

First stop, TJ Maxx where I needed to return something. But who goes into TJ Maxx without doing a little shopping as well? We ended up leaving with a Nike Dry Fit shirt and Nike shorts for J, and a Nike Dry fit shirt and the cutest new dress for me.  Plus, the dress was the same price as the shoes I returned so it was a net zero win for me (on a dress I don't need but loved). :)

And then on to Sports Authority where we picked up Honey Stingers chews for our planned Saturday run, and J picked up another pair of running shorts.

AC Moore was for some arts & crafts fun that maaayy make its way to this blog down the line after a few events take place.

And lastly, Home Depot. Every homeowners dream store....being sarcastic there for you. When we first bought our place, I LOVED going to Home Depot and Lowes. I felt so grown up, and loved finding things we needed to fix/replace at our place. Now, I realize, it just means more $$ to spend on a place we will not be living in forever. Thankfully this time, the purchases were small.

Somehow, our toilet paper holder randomly broke one day. About three months ago, mind you. So we've been dealing with this for a little too long...
So sad.

But after this purchase,

We had this good to go Sunday
You must be so impressed. :)

Oh, and another exciting purchase...

We discovered a crack between the tile and the tub in our bathroom recently. It was ugly -
Can you see it? A closer view you say?

Terrible, isn't it? Well handy dandy J fixed that problem.

Problem solved. Phew.

Lastly, every time we go to Home Depot I check to see if they have succulents for our condo. I've needed some new green plants for a while now but am rather picky about what I'd like to get. And they also need to be able to survive with minimal water since I do not have a green thumb and will most likely forget about watering them. Well, finally the Home Depot near us has entered the 21st century and was well stocked in mini cacti and succulents. Here's a blurry phone photo of what we picked out -

Saturday, J & I started our day with a 10 mile run. We have decided to train for a half marathon and are following the Hal Higdon training plan. More on that Thursday during my fitness post. But long story short, our run went much better than expected. :)

The rest of Saturday afternoon was spent on bridal shower and bachelorette planning for some VIPs in my life. It was a great relief to get a few more things done and I can't wait to share all the details with you over the next month or two. Oh, and I was also able to switch out our winter clothes for summer clothes. I'm hoping this 70 degree weather is here to stay! Don't you?

And finally Sunday.... Sunday was for checking more things off the list. First, the outlets to exchange sandals at the J.Crew outlet where I also found the cutest shorts...

Yes, those are lobsters on this New England girl's shorts. :)

Then, Yankee candle to pick up some Summer scents since I still have winter candles out (picture me humiliated). Is it me though, or are candles ridiculously overpriced? I really hate spending $$ on them.

After the outlets, we headed to Super Target to pick up most of our groceries. Depending on what the grocery list looks like, we sometimes favor hitting up Target versus the grocery store. Especially if we need more toiletries, paper goods, etc.

And lastly, good old IKEA. We have had a pair of curtains to exchange for way too long now. And again, realizing this is our last weekend without commitments, I had to check that off the list too.

Although it is nice to sleep in, I love that sleeping in for me and J is usually 8 am. So getting out of the house by 9:30 on Sunday meant we were back at our place by lunchtime and still able to enjoy the 75 degree weather.

All in all, it is certainly a sigh of relief to get so much done this weekend. A few new articles of clothing, a few things done around our place, and some quality time with Tucker & J.

Today is the Boston Marathon and the temperature is slated to reach almost 90! The BAA is allowing runners to defer their race until next year, have set-up extra water stations, and have advised that attempting a PR may not be safe. Good luck runners!!

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