Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter Traditions

Does your family have any Easter traditions?

It's funny, every family celebrates the holidays a little differently and I love to learn about other traditions. Back in the day someone told me how they opened one present on Christmas Eve each year and you better believe my sister and I made this a tradition going forward in our household!

Here are some fun facts/Easter traditions I grew up with:

1. As crazy as this sounds, both my sister and I were born on Good Friday. Yep, our birthdays are in different months- March 28th and April 20th- & obviously in different years. We were both brought home from the hospital on Easter Sunday.

2. As with any little girls, Easter bonnets and matching Easter dresses were a MUST until we were old enough to say otherwise.

3. Easter dinner with my mom's family always includes homemade pasta and Italian wedding soup (or Easter soup as we refer to it). And it's funny because Christmas is always homemade ravioli and salad. I don't think the two have ever crossed- raviolis with soup or pasta with salad. Nope.

4.  Nona used to make each grandchild an Italian biscuit (like a tea biscuit, no idea if there is a real name to them) which was baked with a died hardboiled egg in it. They'd even have our names on them! I looked forward to these cookies every year.

5.  The Easter egg hunt at my parents house always included the Hershey's chocolate eggs. And even though there are only two children in my family, you better believe it was an intense competition. Even my mom got into the fun, making sure to hide eggs everywhere. We normally find them for a good 6 months after the fact. And J & my first year of marriage, she made us participate in an egg hunt since Jackie was out in SF by this point. PS. She cheated and helped J out since "it was his first time". Really mom? He doesn't know how to hunt for Easter eggs?! Please woman. 

6. In addition to my sister and my birthdays, we have one cousin who's birthday is the week before Jackie's and another cousin who's birthday is the week before mine. Therefore, Easter dinner always precludes a family birthday party/cake & presents.

7. Starburst Jelly Beans are by far one of my favorite Easter candies. That and Cadbury Mini Eggs obvi. If you know me, you know I love Jelly Belly Beans too. I don't know what it is about jelly beans but they are delish. And I hardly ever buy them because I can't stop eating them. But the first year they came out with those Starburst Jelly Beans, oh myyy. I remember being in a school play the first year I found these babies, circa 6th grade, and we used them as part of the set in a dinner scene- don't ask me why, I can't remember. But I do remember swiping a few during the play! haha. I thought I was so sneaky, but I'm sure everyone saw me.

8. As much as I love Easter, it's the one holiday I've missed out on the most. This year will be my 3rd time celebrating Easter in Florida and the year I studied abroad I decided to go to Paris for the holiday. The first time my mom offered to take me to Florida for my birthday I was turning 16 (this year is #2, 10 years later- man does time fly!). All my friends had already thrown their Super Sweet Sixteen birthday parties and I just wasn't feeling like throwing one for myself. Instead my mom, sister, and I headed south to visit relatives for the long weekend. Easter dinner in a private room at the Marriott courtesy of my uncle was not half-bad. I'm totally lying, it was terrific! And I really can't complain about lying on the beach before Easter brunch last year.

This year I'll be celebrating the holiday with my mom in St. Augustine, FL again. Although I'll miss dinner with my husband & in-laws, it will be so nice to have a few days at the beach to relax. And I know you're wondering what my dad will be doing while the ladies in his life are away. Don't worry, he's been invited to my in-laws, which will be really fun for him. Holidays in my family tend to include my sister and I, my mom and her 2 sisters, their 4 daughters, and their 2 daughters. Yes, it's a whole lot of ladies. Oh, and did I mention we're loud and Italian? haha. Jay's immediate family alone includes 5 guys. So there's a whole lot more fishing talk at that table.

Whatever you do, and where ever you end up - have a great weekend!

Happy Easter! And Passover starts tomorrow evening so for those of you celebrating Passover, enjoy!

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