Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Guest Dress Decisions

First wedding of the season is this Saturday! I CANNOT wait! Although I had a fall wedding, I'm liking the idea of a spring wedding more and more. Simply because, it's the beginning of wedding season and everyone (my opinion - probably only girls) has been itching for their next wedding to attend.

No matter what time of year your wedding is though, there is something so comforting and exciting about watching 2 people who are so in love get married. It gets me every time. And I love standing there with J listening as the vows are read and mentally renewing my own.

On to the reason of this post - I am definitely someone who loves having a reason to wear a nice dress, and often buy dresses I find that are "perfect" without an event in the line-up. Just can't pass them up! I love the feeling of being all dressed up for the evening. So I've been thinking about what I would be wearing to this wedding for much longer than the average person would and should. But when life got in the way these past few weeks, and I didn't have time to buy the dress I determined I simply needed, I turned to the next best thing. My sister's closet. :)

There is nothing better than having friends and family that wear the same size clothes as you. Jackie and I certainly luck out because we wear the same size in just about everything (she's a little bit taller and skinnier than me though..damn B) The only problem is that she no longer lives in MA so it's a lot harder to swap clothes. Boohoo. :(

But when a sista is in a bind, the other comes to the rescue. I asked Jackie if she wouldn't mind sending me 2 dresses she had worn to weddings last year. Well, she did me one better, and sent me 4! Love her.

I've decided one is just too short for the occasion, but the other 3 fit great. Now, the question is, which do I wear?!

Which would you choose?

A - Yellow/Pink floral

B - Green one-strap

C - Blue one-strap

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