Thursday, 14 March 2013

Meal Planning: How'd We Do?

Our first week of meal planning is going very well! Want to see?

Here's our original plan. Not surprisingly, we've made a few tweaks. Such is life.

Why oh why did we wait so long to make a batch of overnight oatmeal. This stuff is so good. And incredibly filling.

I've loved having leftover for lunch most days. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely fan of a warm meal over a sandwich that's been sitting in the fridge since 8 am.

And dinner? Let's see.

Sunday - Pulled chicken sliders. Although the original plan was veggie burgers, we had friends over Saturday night for tacos and apparently I have no idea how to guesstimate the amount of food I need. We had enough chicken to feed another 10 people....whoops! But it sure made Sunday dinner and Monday lunch easy!

Monday - Whole wheat pasta, spinach, shallots, apple chicken sausage (our absolute fav chicken sausage flavor)

Tuesday - Turkey meatloaf with sundried tomatoes, spinach, & feta.

Wednesday - Thai Chicken Quinoa bowl. This was fantastic! Thanks Cait for instagramming a photo of this! I then stalked Cait's pinterest page and found the recipe. The joys of social media. :)

And because it was so pretty to photograph.....
love my camera

So far so good. J will be having leftovers tonight while I'm out with friends. And tomorrow night will be another home cooked meal. Soo looking forward to it.

Oh - and is it bad that home cooked meals tend to include a glass of red wine? Nightly.... good for the heart, right?

If you have any new recipes you think I should add to our weekly meal plan, please send them my way! Looking forward to some more home cooking.

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