Friday, 10 May 2013

Fun Fact Friday 5.10.13

I honestly feel like I blink and it's Friday again. Not a bad thing I suppose. But life could slow down a little bit. I wouldn't mind that.

So here we go, what's going on over here -

1. We have 2 weekends left living in the city. 2! That's kind of making me sad.

2. Wednesday night I met my mom for dinner and a night at the ballet. It was sooo nice! We met at Sip which my aunt had recommended and it was awesome! It's a wine bar where you can order glasses by 6 oz, half glass, or full glass in order to try a few varieties out. And their small plates and sushi were delicious. We both did two half glasses and let the waiter choose for us which was a very, very good decision. I can't wait to go back!

3. Sort of still 2, but we went to Next Generation by the Boston Ballet and I was so impressed. Basically, it's the next generation of ballet dancers - if I had to guess they ranged in age from seven/eight to eighteen and were SO talented.

4. Confession, I justify purchases all the time. All the time. Thought it might be funny to show you a perfect example from last Friday. I headed to Target because I wanted to pick up a simple black dress for Caitlin's bachelorette party. I had seen a few recent pictures of maxi dresses and skirts that I would have never guessed were from Target so I figured I'd browse those as well, just in case I saw something I liked. Well, of course I did. And I loved the way the striped maxi looked on me, even pictured myself hosting a party this summer at our new house and just "knew" I needed this dress for that specific occasion (and let's face it, 9 times out of 10 this is not the outfit I'll end up wearing). I then walked through the shoe department where I was somehow able to hold myself back. Oh while in shoes, I remembered I didn't pack any fun necklaces to wear to Cait's bach party! So I started my walk back towards jewelry. Walked by the sportswear and pajama section where I spot the cutest pair of pajamas. Need them! Seriously, they scream homeowner (what?!?) and I love them and I really need them to wake up in our new home in and brew coffee and sit on the front porch with. Totally legit reasoning right? (I am crazy) Lastly, I forgot my favorite lipstick at home and just couldn't go the weekend without fun lipstick (!) so on to the makeup section I went to pick up a new Maybelline Whisper.
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5. I've been thinking about adding blush into my daily routine and guess what showed up on my doorstep yesterday, blush in my newest Birchbox! They read my mind. Nothing better than trying it fo "free."

6. I am on a little bit of a bracelet binge lately....(don't tell J). Ebay, you are just too tempting. And I've had a credit at Stella & Dot forever now (like 5 months). Recent purchases...

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Any fun new purchases you've made? Do you justify purchases too? (Please tell me you do and that I'm not that crazy)

Have a great weekend! We'll be packing over here!

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