Friday, 21 September 2012

Fun Fact Friday

I don't really have much to say today. But boy am I glad it's Friday. Anyone else exhausted from this week? Let's recap shall we?

1. J & I refinanced our condo Monday (finally). Finally, is our fault too. Man is there a lot of paper work for a refi and between our recent vaca and just plain ole' being busy, it kind of took the back burner. Plus, I felt like I was re-buying our place at closing. Which, yes, technically we were but I did not expect to sign the same stack of papers we did at our original purchase. #handcrampage

2. And speaking of purchases, J&A closed on their first home this week (I shouldn't even say first, more like forever home)!! I am so excited for them. Their place is ah-mazing. Maybe when I get down to visit later this year I'll talk Jackie into a house crashing session a la Young House Love style. If you've never checked out that blog before sorry I'm not sorry you are now officially obsessed like the rest of us.

3. Tuesday night I had a group of friends over for dinner to catch up. We have friends in town for the week from Colorado and I figured, why go out to eat when I can cook and we can relax and catch up. The best part about this dinner? These are sets of friends who have truly become family. And every time we have the opportunity to see them I say the same thing to J, I really hope we can raise our children like they are raising theirs. I'm fairly certain that their 4 year old daughter has better manners than I do. And don't be fooled, raising a child with good manners takes hard work. I am in awe every.single.time.

4. This weekend I am heading home for my first big DIY project for our home. I have recruited my mom to help me on this one. I had a long conversation about home decor with my sister the other day and we both agreed that in hindsight, we now realize just how much my mom did for our home growing up.  She is so handy! And she certainly has a good eye for design too. I'm not revealing too much yet. Because if it fails miserably, I hope you forget about this measly little paragraph. And if it's a major success, you better believe it'll have its own post once it's done.

5. One of the best parts about going home now is letting Tucker run around like a mad man in the backyard. I really, really think he was depressed the last time we got back to the condo from being home. He has soo much freedom when we visit either sets of parents. And certainly acts like he's king of the yard every time (even if that includes digging a few holes...sorry mom). Maybe this is me justifying my obsession with real estate and my recent obsession with finding our next home. But maybe he really is depressed. Looks like I need to ramp up my house hunting.

6. Sunday I have some retail therapy with old roommates planned. I am in desperate need of this - shopping & girl time. I.can't.wait. I may or may not have made myself a little shopping list of what I least we're hitting the outlets!

And I thought I didn't have much to say...whoops. Don't think I named this blog Talkative for nothing. Have a fun weekend!

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