Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Travel Tuesday: Souk Shopping!

Last Morocco post. I promise!

What is a trip to Marrakech without visiting the Souks?! The Souk is the open air marketplace where local goods are sold. Spices, leather products, pottery, rugs, scarves, shoes, herbs, you name it.

Dried fruits, nuts, the best orange juice in the world

Snake charmer! Gah! I did NOT get close to these guys.

I wanted one of these lamps so bad. The light patterns they give off are sooo beautiful. Some day I'll get myself one.

These shoes were everywhere! J thought we should get some, just because. This did not happen. ha.

 I may have talked my way into a leather pouf though. :)

 Whittling wood with his feet!!! Ridiculous.

Watch out! New goods coming through. 

The reason we didn't get ourselves a Moroccan lamp was because.... we bought a new rug! The rugs were so beautiful. You couldn't help but admire the talent. I didn't even need to bat my eyes at J, he was on the same page. I'll post pictures once we've put it out. I'm not ready to let Tucker lie all over it just yet.

 Spices were everywhere. Such pretty colors.

And lastly, the pottery. There were so many choices. No two exactly alike, making it so hard to choose.

So, ya....we did some shopping. And we had SO much fun doing so. It's all about the bartering and J loved it. I don't think J has ever LOVED shopping before. If I can find a way to work a game into every shopping trip, I am golden. Any ideas?

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