Monday, 10 September 2012

Morocco: Elements of Design

We are back! And 90% recovered from our trip to Morocco. We had an absolutely amazing time enjoying both a relaxing resort getaway and a cultural experience we'll never forget.

I'm really looking forward to sharing our experience and pictures with you throughout the week. I think the best way to do this is to follow the blog schedule I set months ago (on the right side bar of the blog) and cover specific aspects of the trip daily. Sound good?

So let's jump right in!

The decor in Morocco is unlike anywhere else I've traveled to. It is certainly making its way into interior design here in the states which is pretty exciting. Their attention to detail is astounding. Really, no matter where you look there is an element of design.

Get ready for picture overload.

Our first four nights were spent at the Widiane Resort & Spa and it was AMAZING! So relaxing, so beautiful. Really no complaints other than this horrendous view...

The Karma Lounge - detail, after detail, after detail

Even the lighting was intricately designed

 These couches were not only beautiful, they were so comfortable!

All of the doors were double doors, completely covered in carvings and detail

Poolside decor. I was in love with the elephant umbrella stands everywhere.

 Pretty, pretty

 One last photo from the mountains. It couldn't have been more ideal.

Next stop on our trip was Marrakech! Wow, was it different being in a bustling city after such a calm resort in the mountains.

A quick glimpse of the plaza in Marrakech -

Rooftop decor at our Riad - Dar Mouassine

No space left untouched.

Views at the Palace Bahia and Saadian Tombs

 Tile floors, stucco walls, and painted cedar ceilings

I couldn't help but notice that no matter where we went, there was tile. And beyond that, it was a unique design each and every time.

Even the sidewalks were amazing!

And the airport had detail to it too. Unbelievable.

Everyone is an artist in Morroco it seems. I found the level of detail so intriguing everywhere we went. You couldn't help but notice it really. It was remarkable.

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