Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Birchbox: September & October

Of course I'm behind on this review....

Let's start with September:

  • Color Club Birchbox custom nail polish
  • Jouer Matte Moisture Tint
  • Kate Spade Twirl Perfume
  • Skin, An Apothecary Soy Body Whip
  • twistband lace hair tie
  • Hollywood fashion tap

So let's see, I've used the Jouer moisture tint, the kate spade perfume, and the soy body whip. The moisture tint was nice and blended in great but I hardly ever use skin makeup so I don't see myself investing in this one.

I did LOVE the perfume though. And J did too which is a score really. I've been using the same perfume since freshman year of college so I've been debating trying something new. This is definitely the frontrunner.

And the soy body whip - the scent is poppy which is strong. But it is nice. I keep it on my nightstand to moisturize before bed. No complaints!

I've heard great things about the hair ties - in that they do not leave an elastic line in your hair. But why such a bright elastic? I can't see myself ever wearing this to work really and I tend to keep a black elastic on my wrist or in my wallet. We'll see. Maybe I'll give it a try one weekend.

And for October:

  • Jouer lip enhancer
  • Kiehl's Rose Artica Eye cream
  • Illume Red Cedar Candle
  • Supergoop City Sunscreen serum
  • Luna bar in Lemonzest

So this month I opted for the GOOP box put together by Gwyneth Paltrow. To be honest, when I first opened this box, I wasn't that impressed. This is what I saw -

The candle scent is not my style, and I really could care less about the Luna bar. Sorry Gwyneth...

But, I've since started using the Kiehl's eye cream and Jouer lip enhancer every night and am loving them both. The eyecream is thick so I've been sticking to my normal eye cream during the day and putting on this treat overnight. And the lip enhancer has me waking up with super soft lips.

I already use a daily moisturizer with SPF so I don't see myself using the city sunscreen anytime soon. I'll be placing those into my travel toiletry bag for future use.

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