Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Travel Tuesday: Newport, RI

Weekend getaways can be so relaxing. I am definitely fan of weekends away.

This past weekend J & I headed south to Newport, RI to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. We've found getting away for the weekend to be our style rather than gifts. Year 1: Colorado (just realized I haven't recapped that trip yet. I'm on it). Year 2: Ludlow, Vermont.

We left right after work Friday, hit some traffic on the way down - no surprise there - and were at the hotel by 7. It was freezing here in New England Friday! And down on the water, omg so cold and windy. We stayed at the Pearls Boutique Hotel right downtown and I would certainly recommend it.

Thank goodness our room was so cozy. The fireplace was awesome. We don't have a fireplace in the city and my parents haven't had one since we moved back in the '90's so I totally forgot how nice they are. The hotel put a duraflame in our room while we grabbed dinner but left it for us to light. We only lit one end of it so it burned slowly all night. It was pretty cool to wake up to a still burning fire. (Rather Downton Abbey-esque if you ask me.)

Up and out pretty early! After breakfast prepared by the chef at the hotel, we headed out to the Cliff Walk. We'd heard great things but needed to see for ourselves. And oh man were we not disappointed! It was certainly cool out but gorgeous in the sun.

 What a view.
 We put an offer in on this small cottage while we were down there. Figured why not.
Our original mission was to grab coffee after the cliff walk. When that fell through we headed for the next best things, sugar and booze.
 Outdoor bar, on the water, sun shining, bloody mary. Life is good.
 Well, to our surprise there was a Seafood Festival going on! A fresh Octoberfest from the Sam Adams table, don't mind if I do!
 A little clam chowder taste test. Same as the picture of the signs, left chowder was Clarke Cook House, right Wharf Pub. I bought the Wharf Pub one after seeing that it was award winning. It also weighed twice as much as the Clarke Cook House one so I thought I had the win in the bag. I was so wrong. Although I don't normally like thin chowders Clarke Cook House won by a landslide. Not sure what award the Wharf Pub won but it was not great. 
 $1 oysters, $5 for half dozen littlenecks. Unbelievable. They were out of oysters by the time we got around to them and we were told they had gone through 1,600 of them. Crazy!
 The littlenecks were delicious. So fresh.
 Such a beautiful harbor. And such a beautiful day!

 After plenty of day drinking and seafood tasting, we headed back to the hotel for a much needed nap before getting ready for our anniversary dinner.

A preview of what I wore
 Boo for blurriness. 

 Dinner was at 22 Bowen's Wine Bar and Grille. And it was fantastic. Without fail I get filet mignon at a steak restaurant. I always consider getting a different cut but never do. At this point I think of my consistency as a true taste test. And this filet was one of the best I've had so far. I know everyone says filet has no taste compared with other cuts but this was soooo tasty. It could have been the scoop of House butter on top of it but whatever, it was GOOD. Oh and so was the side of truffle mac n cheese we got. J & I both agreed it was the best mac n cheese we've had to date. I must attempt that one! What is that picture to the right you ask? That would be our surprise anniversary vanilla creme brulee after a few bites. Oops! Also amazing. If you find yourself in Newport and are looking for a nice meal, head to 22 Bowen's.

We had a fantastic weekend away. Just what we both needed after a few long, sad weeks. We were discussing where we should spend anniversary #4 next year. We're liking the driving distance so far, appreciating the beautiful fall weather New England has to offer. Any recommendations?

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