Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Election Day 2012!

Not much of a post today but I really do hope all of you who are eligible to vote do! Even if you're from a state, like MA, where the vote doesn't normally swing, vote! Local government is just as important.

J and I froze in line this morning for an hour to vote before work. I am finding this election much more exciting than 2008. Maybe because it's a closer race? Maybe because I've been working for 4 years now versus just getting out of college at the last vote? Not sure. But it sure is exciting! Looking forward to watching the election results tonight.

FYI - for anyone who lives in South Boston, like J & I. Be prepared. Romney is holding his election night event at the BCEC and all surrounding streets will be closed - Summer St., D St., etc. Looks like I'll be walking home from work! Here's a link to the local story - Romney Election Night Event

So, go vote!  Vote for who you think is the right candidate. Oh, and it's ok to keep your political views to yourself - I do not think it's my place to tell you who I voted for and why you should vote for them too. Just do me a favor and don't post an obnoxious facebook status about it, mmkay? K.

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