Friday, 30 November 2012

Friday Recap: What We've Been Up to

Well, hasn't life just been flying by lately?!

I figured I'd post a little recap of what we've/I've been up to! Here's 10 things:

1. In the beginning of November I went to a wine tasting event with a great group of girls. College friends, their friends from home, and sister-in-laws.

I make a great desk. Gotta keep track of our vino! These are the ladies I lived with out of college before J proposed. As much as I love living with my hubs, man did we have a great time together!
 The reason I haven't posted about this outing yet? Well, right after this picture was taken by a complete stranger who we asked to snap the pic, she dropped my camera! Who does that?! Onto a brick floor too. So ya, my camera broke. But the people at Canon are awesome and fixed her up in a flash. #thankgodforoneyearwarranties

2. This puppy dog is so spoiled these days I can't even stand it. I'm creating a monster.

3. My sister-in-law talked me into a Thanksgiving 5k this year. Yes, we gave up our traditional Bloody Mary's for breakfast to run. This level of maturity means one thing, we are getting old. It's ok though, drinks followed the race. 

4. The day after Thanksgiving, I had to work....womp, womp. First time I have ever worked this day. But, a) the market closed at 1 and b) I had an amazing concert to look forward to! The night J proposed, he played this song for me earlier that day- this new guy he wanted me to hear. I half listened, told him it was great and went on with whatever I was doing. Later that night, after he totally caught me off guard and proposed, the song played again! That song became our first dance at our wedding and we have loved this man ever since. Ray LaMontagne has this sultry, smokey voice that is unbelievable live. This was our third year going to his concert and this year was the best. An acoustic set. An acoustic "Your are the Best Thing"? Ya, it was awesome.

5. Oh man, I am having a major jewelry issue. This is my embarrassing! But don't worry, I have something in the works already.

6. Christmas decorations are out! Gotta get us tree next week. Can't wait!

7. Bootcamp is going strong! One thing I'm really loving is the ability to do the strength workouts at home. This cold weather in Boston does not have me wanting to trek to the gym! That sweaty face is after rounds of burpees, pushups, squats, one-legged squats, calf raises, etc. Tough stuff. Burpees kick my @$$!

8. Ahhh, time to organize. As much as I use google calendar, I need something more tangible. I need to see what my whole week looks like each weekend and plan out Tucker's walks, dinners, what needs to be mailed out, etc. My mind has been so cluttered lately. I'm hoping this helps!

9. J & I just booked our Spring trip to Florida!! 5 days, 4 nights in the sun. Tina has another bootcamp starting the first week of January. I will definitely be doing that for 8 weeks! Gotta get into beach shape!

10. Lastly, J & I are on our way to Charlotte today! Spending a weekend with J & A, as well as my college roommate and her boyfriend who moved down there this summer. I am SO excited to explore a new city, see both couples' new places, and just relax in much warmer weather than Boston. Mid - 60's whaaat! :)

Have a great weekend friends!

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