Friday, 18 January 2013


Seriously, thank god it's Friday. I don't think I could deal with another weekday this week. 14 hour work days, you can go take a long walk off a short cliff.

Because I've been working non-stop, there hasn't been much else going on over here. I have so many posts ideas I want to share with you like what did we get for Christmas, my take on Pantone's color of the year (which I looove), some new recipes, what I've been wearing, a few DIY projects, etc. It will come, hopefully starting next week! Stay with me. Pleeaaase.

What's new with you?

This weekend I'll be working Saturday during the day before taking Tucker down to my parents to play with his bff Bruno. He's so excited and he doesn't even know it yet! The poor pup is not getting too much attention these days as J and I both tackle some work deadlines. No bueno.

Sunday, I have the whole day to myself! I can't believe it. So instead of just relaxing, what do I do? Make plans! You know that whole try to go with the flow on a home? Ya, there are sooo many open houses this weekend. How can I not breeze through?! Some are just eh from the photos, some sound amazing, but honestly you just never know until you walk through. J also has grand plans of doing a decent amount of work on our next home so I think of myself as the buffer. Gonna get myself a coffee and check out a handful of open houses in one of the towns we're considering. Either cross them off the list, or keep 'em and tell J he's got to check it out too. We shall see.

My recent mentality...

Yep. Get to it!

Last thing, got the best e-mail last night! After waiting several weeks, I finally got my invite to StitchFix! I cannot wait to see what arrives. Basically, you fill out a very, very detailed style profile which they use to send you clothing and accessories they think you should try. Love this idea. To give you a better picture of what I should be receiving, here's an example from a blog I enjoy reading, and where I first found out about this gem. I will definitely share what goodies I receive once my first fix comes at the end of the month. I've been loving the new products I'm getting through Birchbox so why not give it a try for clothes and accessories. Plus, my wardrobe could use a little pick me up lately, no time to shop.....I know, so sad.

Have a great weekend

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