Monday, 25 February 2013

The Family Table

There are studies showing that families that eat meals together tend to stay together. It's an interesting concept, and obviously not always true, but in my personal experience, family meals are extremely important.

I'm so thankful to my parents for instilling in me the importance of eating dinner as a family. Yes, it's only J & I right now, and meals may end up getting eaten in front of the TV once and a while, but rarely does one of us eat without waiting for the other.

So although my must-have list is really not all that long, room for a large dining table is a must in our next home. If we were to have our immediate families over for dinner together - including parents, siblings, sibling-in-laws - we are looking at 13 ridiculously good-looking folks!

That being said, I find myself really drawn to a rustic farmhouse style table. But, a touch of chic by adding gorgeous chairs, or a dramatic chandelier. Something to add some glamour to the room. Here are a few dining rooms that I've fallen for.
Huge rustic table, modern white chairs
Link from Pinterest (via)

Herringbone floors, crystal chandelier, linen & nailhead upholstered chairs
Link from Pinterest (via)

Simple modern chairs, oversized chandelier, fresh flowers
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I absolutely love the modern chairs in the first picture. Here's a way to really glam them up - 

I'm hoping that a dining room table is something we can tackle on our own. How fun would it be to feed our children someday at a table we built ourselves? Hopefully Ana White can help us out!

Have a wonderful Monday! J and I are off to see Imagine Dragons perform tonight. One of J's Christmas gifts from me. I know, I'm an awesome wife. Can't wait!

xoxo, T

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