Friday, 16 March 2012

Random Friday Facts

I was thinking I'd humor you with 13 random facts today. Why 13? Well because 13 is a lucky number so they say. And with St. Patrick's day tomorrow, I figured we could use some luck of the Irish. I remembered though, that 13 is an unlucky number in Italy (as told to me by an Italian aunt), and that the 13th floor is missing in both hospitals and hotels- tell me you already knew that. So scratch that, and let's do 7 fun facts. 7's pretty lucky, right?

1. I counted out the calories in overnight oatmeal. It's such a heavy breakfast for me that I believed it had to be LOADED with calories, even if it is healthy. So I've only been making it for mornings I've planned a hard gym workout, like a long (in my book) run.

1 cup Silk light vanilla soy milk - 70 calories
1 cup rolled oats - 300 calories
1 tbs chia seeds - 60 calories
6 oz. Greek yogurt -  140 calories

Total -  570 calories

Since I make this for both J & I, it is only 285 calories each. Not bad at all.

Those little black flecks are Chia seeds. Those babies are loaded with fiber and have really helped me feel full longer. They are quite the superfood. Look them up. :)

I do add a tbs of almond butter to mine which is 100 calories, and a handful of fruit at about 25 calories (1/4 cup blueberries as 21 calories, 1/4 cup raspberries has 16 calories)

Total breakfast calorie intake - 410 calories.

This does seem high. But when I consider that I've just worked out, I'm adding a ton of nutrients to my body, and I'm no longer reaching for that mid-morning snack, the number of calories doesn't seem so bad anymore.

2. In anticipation of a busy weekend filled with St. Patty's Day festivities Saturday afternoon, guests staying with us Saturday night, and hosting friends & family for the South Boston annual St. Patick's Day Parade on Sunday- which lets not kid ourselves, is a boozefest, J & I enjoyed our boiled dinner last night. Neither of us has a lick of Irish in our heritage but that doesn't stop us from enjoying these traditions! Corned beef is deeeelish!

And clearly we meant to pick up the Uncured corned beef at Trader Joe's. We don't like overly salty meat and veggies at all. Nope, not at all.....Ya, total mistake. BUT adding a touch of salt to the veggies did the trick and certainly saved us from sodium overload.

3. Kate Spade just announced its new line of watches. I'm loving the grammercy line...

The Carousel Bangle is very Kate Spade but it's not something I can see myself wearing daily. If I had an unlimited budget these would be fun for certain outfits/events, but definitely not something I could see myself wearing on a regular basis. Bangles just start to bug me after a while, especially when sitting at my work desk.

4. I recently purchased this little guy at Urban Outfitters. They were having a sale on Leap Day and I found something I really wanted. Well, buying this fella bumped me up to free shipping status. What, you don't justify purchases that would save you the cost of shipping? I do. :)

He'll be part of the living room gallery wall I'm slowly working on. I debated spray painting him gray but have decided to leave him as is for now.

5. This is my current nailpolish color -

My mom told me it was interesting, ha. (Read that slow, enunciate every syllable, and add a little sting to the end). I love my mom, she cracks me up. It's her way of telling me when she doesn't really like something, it's interesting. I usually respond by thanking her for the compliment. Earlier the same day, the girl at Ulta told me how much she loved the color. Who do you side with?

I picked up these three nail polishes at Urban Outfitters while waiting to return a poster we decided we didn't love. They always get me in the checkout line!

Planning to tryout the peach polish this weekend.

6. After 2 1/2 years, I have finally picked out my wedding album! I know, it's crazy. But trying to pick out less than 100 photos out of 700+ is freaking hard! I ended up just paying for extra pages....I didn't want to leave anyone out! Once it's in, I'll make sure to upload a few photos. :)

7. I HATED the weather in Boston yesterday. After having such great weather recently, it was way too cold and raw for my liking. Especially since I've stopped wearing my true "winter" jacket. And you know what really grinded my gears, made sure to let me know that it was 80 degrees in Charlotte (where my sister lives). Seriously?! 80 degrees! I had to text her to make sure that was right! Unbelievable. I hope you enjoyed it Jack!

Seeing 80 degrees did get me super excited for my upcoming trips to Florida and Charleston, SC next month!!

Here's a pic from St. Augustine, FL last year. Can't wait to be sitting on the beach for a long weekend soon...

Yes, my parents pup Bruno lives the life these days. He'll be spending the month of April on the beach with my mom. Gahd, I need to get my tush on an airplane soon!

Were those facts random enough for you? :)

Happy Friday, Happy St. Patrick's Day, & have a fabulous weekend!

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